5 Ways to Ensuring 5 Star Amazon Reviews

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When you sell things on Amazon, you want to make sure your customers are happy. You can tell if they are satisfied by seeing the reviews they leave you. If you aren’t getting 5-star reviews, it means something is wrong and your customers need or want more out of your products or your customer service. 

The higher your ratings, the more products you will sell, which can help make your fba fees worth it. Make sure you are doing everything you can to make your customers happy so they are more likely to leave you a good review.

Why Are Amazon Reviews Important?

Almost all customers read reviews of products before they buy them. This helps them feel more confident with their choice to purchase the product and helps them feel like they will get what they expect. 

Naturally, if you have bad reviews on your products you sell on Amazon, a customer may look at those reviews and decide not to buy those products. If your reviews are 5-star reviews, they will see that your products are living up to their reputation and that you are a seller they can trust. Some things that positive reviews can help you with include:

  • Help buyers make a decision more easily
  • Convince customers to choose your products over similar options
  • Assure the quality of the products
  • Help get your products noticed

How Many Reviews Are Necessary?

When it comes to positive reviews, you can’t have too many. It would be ideal if every customer who purchases a product from you would leave a 5-star review, but it never happens that way. 

You may have a few customers who are so impressed with your product that they can’t wait to leave a good review. Other people may love your products just as much, but not see the need to leave a review or simply forget to leave one. When shoppers look at products and sellers to determine if they should do business with them, they look at the number of reviews. 

A few high reviews aren’t as good as a lot of reviews. Even if you have four 5 star reviews, it would still be better to have 500 4 star reviews. That is why it is important to encourage all shoppers to leave reviews for you and to hope that the reviews they leave are positive so they can boost your reputation as a seller.

How To Get More 5-Star Reviews

Keep Your Customers Happy

If you want your customers to leave good reviews, you need to give them a good experience. Make sure you talk to them, send them the correct product, ship it out on time, and check to make sure they are happy with the product. If your customers are happy and feel like they love the product, they will want to tell others about it and also help you as a seller. Customers who are completely satisfied with their products are likely to leave 5-star reviews for you.

Send Follow-Up Emails

You should check with your customers via email to make sure they received the product and are happy with it. If there is an issue, this gives the customer a chance to talk to you about it and for you to correct the problem before they leave a negative review. Even if there was an issue, if you fix it quickly and make the customer feel as if they haven’t lost anything or been cheated, they are still likely to give you a 5-star review based on your customer service and willingness to help make it right.

Request Amazon Reviews

If you have sold your products but seem to be lacking reviews, you can always ask your customers to leave you reviews. You can do this in many different ways. If you have a social media page, you can post there and encourage customers to review the products they have purchased. If you have their email you can also reach out via email. 

There is no shame in asking your customers to leave you reviews. Most will be happy to do it, and sometimes they mean to and simply forget. Requesting reviews could be the reminder they need.

Read Other Reviews

If you aren’t getting 5-star reviews and can’t figure out what you are doing wrong, it could pay to read the reviews that people are leaving on similar products. Pay close attention to what the other sellers are doing and what people are saying about their products. You should also read any negative reviews that have been left about your products to get an understanding of what you are doing wrong. When you correct these problems, you are more likely to have satisfied customers that are happy to leave 5-star reviews of your products.

Be Honest

If you want people to be happy with their products, you need to make sure you are honest about them. Don’t try to make your products out to be more than what they are. This might help your sales, but it will only let your customers down and cause them to return the products or leave bad reviews. You want to make sure your products seem appealing and can meet the needs of the customer, but you also need to be honest about what the product can and will do, and how it performs compared to similar products.

If you are hoping to improve your review level on Amazon, you need to find a way to get your customers to leave your 5-star reviews. It’s not easy to get this type of review and doing so means your customers are completely satisfied with the product and your service. You will need to work hard to make your customers happy, but you may also need to remind them or ask them to leave you a review. The above suggestions are just a few ways you can get better reviews, sell more products, and make selling on amazon fees worth their cost.

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