8 Benefits of Selling on Amazon

Many people are discovering that they can be their own boss by becoming an Amazon Prime seller. When you learn how to sell on Amazon Prime, you can truly thrive in this environment. The Amazon FBA program has a lot to offer sellers. In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of selling on Amazon and how you can become a successful business owner. 

Advantages of Selling on Amazon FBA

1. Potential for Sales

Whether you already have an online store somewhere else or are considering switching careers completely, selling with Amazon FBA offers you a huge potential for sales. When your products are listed in Amazon’s huge online catalog, you’ll have access to a growing pool of established customers. 

The website has more than two million sellers worldwide, with total sales reaching billions of dollars. You heard us right, billions of dollars. Sellers can instantly reach millions of customers online when they choose to sell their products through the FBA program.

2. Repeat Business

With your own business website, you’ll spend thousands of dollars each year in marketing and advertising alone. Amazon’s built-in customer base makes it so that you don’t have to spend any of your valuable time or money marketing. As a seller, you should also expect repeat customers, especially if you’re offering quality customer service. 

When you’re first learning how to sell prime on Amazon, you may see articles online about how to find the products you sell and advertise them to get on the first page of Amazon. But with the right Amazon course, you can learn how to find products that are already top sellers and use that to your advantage. This means you won’t need to worry about writing the copy for your products or advertising them. 

3. No Need to Hire Employees

When you sell on Amazon, you may think that you have another task that you have to hire someone to manage. However, the most significant benefit of the FBA program is that you don’t have to hire any more employees. 

Amazon handles all customer service, which means that you won’t even have to spend your own valuable time following up on orders. That being said, all of the most successful sellers do handle some of their own customer service, especially when it comes to the quality of the product and crucial concerns. 

Amazon also makes it easy for sellers who don’t want to pack and ship their own products. With the FBA program, they handle all of the storage, packing, and shipping of your products, which includes free shipping from Amazon Prime members. 

4. Back-end Support

What many people don’t think about when they become sellers is the back-end infrastructure of the platform. This back end allows you to do everything you need for your business, including tracking inventory, processing credit cards, and collecting sales tax.

5. Shipping Rates

When you use the Amazon FBA program, you get better shipping rates. As you know, fluctuating shipping rates can seriously damage your business and turn customers away who want to avoid high shipping costs. Amazon FBA gives you cost-effective shipping rates that can make your customers happier.

FBA sellers can offer their customers the same shipping options that Amazon does, along with access to discounted shipping rates to make fulfillment fast, efficient, and reliable. This means that Amazon will make sellers eligible to offer Amazon Prime shipping to their customers. This also means that anyone who is a Prime customer may become yours as well, and they will continue to benefit from free two-day shipping.

6. Storage Space

When you’re an Amazon FBA seller, you’ll never run out of storage space. Having a storage space or warehouse of your own can be expensive and time-consuming. It can steal both time and resources away from your business unnecessarily. With the FBA program, Amazon allows you to store your inventory with no minimum number of units at any of their several fulfillment centers around the world. 

All you have to do is send them your products. When an order is placed, the item is shipped out from the fulfillment center that’s closest to the customer. This ensures quick delivery and improved customer experience.

7. Fulfilling Orders From Other Sales Channels 

Multichannel retailing can help target customers on different sales channels and increases your opportunity to make a sale. Amazon FBA goes beyond just Amazon – they help sellers increase their chances of selling their products by allowing them access to Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MFC) feature. This allows sellers to fulfill orders with Amazon fulfillment when orders are placed on other sales channels.

The MFC sends your inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center. When customers place an order on Amazon or another sales channel, Amazon receives the order and takes care of all of the shipping and fulfillment for you.

8. Easy Shipping and Returns

Once you get an order, you’ll find that packing and shipping it yourself takes up tons of time. You’ll need to print a packing slip and shipping label, fold up your box, pack the item properly, tape the box, place the shipping label on it and drop it off at your local post office or let the shipping company come pick it up. 

This might work well for you at first. But as your business grows, doing this 10-30 times a day can be daunting. You’ll lose tons of time on the shipping process alone. 

With Amazon FBA, all you have to do is send your items to Amazon and let them do the rest. 

Amazon will also take care of all of your returns as well. When a customer returns an item, it goes right back to the Amazon fulfillment center. An employee then inspects an item to determine whether or not it is still sellable. If it is, they’ll put it back on the shelf, and it can be sold again. 

We recommend, however, that you occasionally have the items sent back to you for inspection so that you can determine whether they are sellable. After all, no one knows your products better than you do. 

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