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It’s August 2017, four days into my start at Pepperdine University and my Division
1 running career…

I walk into my coach’s office and say “Coach, I love track but I also love my online business… I realize I can’t do both effectively… So I’m choosing my business and I’m dropping out of college… and I’m quitting my running career.”

I was in tears as I told him “I’m sorry. I’ll pay back my scholarship.”

It was the hardest decision of my life.

Growing up in Olympia, Washington, I was raised mostly just by my father.

When I was 12, all the cool kids wanted Nike Elite socks, and I saw an opportunity. The socks only came in black and in white, so I bought a bunch, dyed them various colors, and put them for sale on eBay — at triple the price.

It worked! Immediately, I was doing a couple thousand bucks per month in profit… For the next four years, selling things online continued to be my side hustle.

But then came my Junior year in high school. My passion for running took over and I set a moonshot goal to earn a Division 1 scholarship. At the time I was running 30 to 40 miles a week, which is average, but that summer, I doubled my mileage to 70-80 miles a week, sometimes 100. Running occupied all my spare time, before and after school, which meant my side hustle was on the back burner.

Until the unexpected occurred.

The first week of my Senior year, I got a season-ending injury! Suddenly I had loads of time on my hands.

At first, I was wasting time watching Netflix. But then one night I logged into my eBay account and I remembered,

“Oh, wait, I’m also good at selling products online.”

Starting that night, everything went to the side – school, friends, social life – so that I could just focus on selling products. I ran my Amazon and eBay business four out of the six periods of my school day, and then after school till 3 a.m., every single night. Rapidly, I built it up to $60,000 per month. Plus, I launched a YouTube channel to share freely what I knew and was learning.

April 3rd, 2017, I signed my national letter of intent (NLI) to run for Pepperdine, on a scholarship! And in August, off I went to begin pre-season training camp.

4 days into it, it hit me: I couldn’t do track, college and my business all at the same time. I needed to choose.

And so I did. I choose to drop out of college and running, because I felt I would regret it more if I didn’t stay dedicated to my business. I saw it as my most fulfilling future.

When I left Pepperdine and returned home to Olympia,
I went all in on ramping up an online training course I
had just created.

The day it launched, 8 students joined within the first few hours (without much advertisement or promotion). Fast forward to today, there’s more than 4,000+ students that have joined the course.

Whether in running or in business, I’ve always preferred to have lofty goals that challenge me, and to be all in and singularly dedicated to those goals – that’s when I’m in my flow and that’s what really drives me. That and running for exercise and fun – and the occasional race.

Disclaimer: Beau is a professional entrepreneur and marketer – his results are not typical.  He’s experiences are not a guarantee of your success. Beau does not track the typical results of his students.  There is no way to guarantee your success. Your results may vary.

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Key Beau Crabill Facts


While Beau Crabill sells on Amazon everyday and teaches others to do the same, he also consults for multi-million dollar brick and mortar businesses.

10+ Years of

Beau has been selling online since he was 9 years old.
10+ years of successes and failures helped Beau develop his Online Retail Strategy.

of Students

There are thousands of students using
Beau Crabill’s Amazon
selling strategy.

Amazon Seller

Beau Crabill sells brand name products on Amazon (also eBay, Walmart, and others) every day through his personal Amazon account.

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