Amazon FBA Course:
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Learn how to profit on Amazon by selling products without spending money on advertising, without new products, and without creating new listings!

FBA means Fulfillment by Amazon. Selling your products via Amazon FBA means that you can sell your products via Amazon, and let them do all of the hard work of storing, packing, shipping, and providing customer service for you. 


How Does Amazon FBA Work?

Step 1: You send Amazon your products. They then store these products in one or more of their fulfillment centers.

Step 2: Your products are inventoried and stored by Amazon. Amazon takes good care of these items and will reimburse you for the full retail price of any damaged or lost goods in their custody.

Step 3: When a customer places an order on Amazon for your product, Amazon will handle that transaction for you through an automated process.

Step 4: The product is picked off the shelves, packed, and shipped to the customer for you. (with prime delivery in 2 days or less)

Step 5: After the customer receives the product, Amazon follows up to ensure that the order is correct and in the proper condition. If any changes need to be made to an order, Amazon will take care of that as well.

What’s Your Role?

With Amazon doing all of the hard work, it’s easy to assume that you just get to sit back and relax. However, you still have some duties you have to take care of, including:

Picking the products

You’ll still need to decide what to sell and create your personal branding.

Keeping inventory in stock

Amazon’s program will let you know when their inventory of your products is running low. However, it’s your job to ensure that you stay stocked up on the items you sell.

Promotion and advertising

Amazon is essentially a catalog consisting of millions of products. You’ll need to spend time working out how to help people find your products.

A proven Amazon course can help you better understand the Amazon FBA program and how you can completely transform your business for the better.

HOT TIP: Our Amazon FBA training course can help you boost your business with absolutely zero advertising. You heard us right. There’s absolutely no need to waste time or money on advertising or promotion.

Amazon FBA Seller Accounts

There are two types of Amazon FBA seller accounts. Which you choose to work with will be up to you and your business plan.

Individual Seller Account

The first type of seller account is the individual account. These are free, but they do have higher sales fees, including the $1 extra per sale.

Professional Seller Accounts

Professional accounts have a subscription fee charged monthly. However, with the subscription, you’ll have lower sales fees, which means you can potentially save money in the long run if you’re a successful seller. Amazon does not charge the $1 fee per sale with the professional account. If you sell more than 40 units each month, it’s worth it to have this type of seller account.

These accounts are recommended for those who plan on selling more than 40 items each month. However, if you want to start slow, you may want to choose an individual account.

Deciding What to Sell on Amazon​

When it comes to selling on Amazon, you have multiple options for a successful business strategy. Here are a few of the most popular methods and how you can make money and build your own company from the ground up.

Buy bulk in demand name brand discount goods to retail on Amazon at a higher value for great profit margins.


Scalable – Sellers are not limited by your time in this model. Also, finding an abundance of inventory is easy.

Demand – These brands and products are always in demand.

Repeatable – You can sell the same products for several years.

Zero Advertising – These products already have advertising for them, so you won’t have to spend a dime on advertising or time asking for reviews.

No New Listings – You won’t have to make new listings and you won’t have to focus on ranking. These products are already ranked.


Startup Costs – Expect to spend roughly $2,000.

You’re Not the Owner – Sellers don’t own the brand.

Lower Profit Margins – You have to stay competitive.

The business model you’ll learn with Beau’s Amazon FBA Course focuses on money made in the volume of products. Not having to advertise or create listings allows sellers to focus on sourcing profitable inventory.

Research and manufacture your own branded products and sell them on Amazon. You’ll control every aspect of the product for this method.


Higher Profit Margins – You’ll control how much you can charge for each product without the need to compare yourself to the competition too much.

Own the Brand – As an owner of the brand, you have control over everything.


Higher Startup Costs – Expect to pay $5,000 or more.

Reviews – You can expect to pay for reviews or give away products in exchange for reviews.

Advertising – You’ll have to spend money on advertising, and Amazon’s PPC costs are going up every year. Sellers will also have to focus on ranking to page one with SEO and listing optimization.

Saturated Markets – Most amazon sellers do this model, when in reality most sales come off of online retail/wholesale.

For more help on deciding what to sell on Amazon, sign up for the Amazon FBA training today!

Amazon Training Workshop Benefits of Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA program can help you grow your business and get your products in front of the public. Here are just a few benefits of the FBA program.

Managing your own fulfillment can be challenging and time-consuming. The more you sell, the more time you have to spend packing and shipping, or spending the money to hire someone else to handle it. The FBA program allows you to outsource the process to Amazon and take advantage of their experience.

Amazon has contracts with all of the major shipping carriers. This means that they have access to steep and beneficial discounts on shipping costs. These discounts are then passed onto you, the seller, in the form of reduced shipping rates when sending your inventory to Amazon.

Your customers may also benefit since, as Prime members, they get free two-day shipping on all FBA products. This will lead to higher sales for your organization.

Processing returns can be difficult, especially if you’re handling everything yourself. On the customer service side of things, you’ll have to handle upset customers. On the business end, you’ll have to inspect items that are returned and handle all of the administrative tasks. With Amazon FBA, all of these inconveniences are taken care of for you.

Amazon manages customer inquiries, returns shipping labels, and reverses logistics so that you can focus on growing your business.

It’s important to note that Amazon does charge a returns processing fee. But weighed against all the other work they do for you, it’s definitely worth it.

Amazon is known for providing quality customer service because they offer 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email. This will take a lot off of your plate because they’ll be the ones handling most of the customer interactions, freeing up your time to focus on other business activities. 

If you’re currently renting warehouse space or using your home to store items, you’ll no longer have to do this with the Amazon FBA program. There are no inventory minimums, so you can send in as little inventory as you want in order to get started and start selling products immediately.

As an incentive, sellers with high inventory performance get unlimited storage, so you can send as much as you want to Amazon to store for you. You can also read our blog to know more about all things Amazon FBA.

Because Amazon has hundreds of fulfillment centers across the world, your customers can get products delivered to them in just a few days. After they place their orders, Amazon will figure out which fulfillment center is closest to the customer and will ship the items from there.

With Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF), you can sell products on other channels, and Amazon will still fulfill those orders.

You can also automate this process and send orders from your other channels to Amazon for fulfillment with the FBA Shipping app.

What’s In The Amazon FBA Training Course?

You’re going to get 10 modules of actionable info-packed content…
(+ 2 bonus modules!)

1 Introduction

  • ​Overview of Selling on Amazon
  • Setting up Legal Business
  • Setting up Your Amazon Seller account
  • Navigating thru Seller Central - Getting Used to your seller account
  • FBA VS FBM - How should you fulfill your products

2 How to get sales

  • The Buy Box - How to Position yourself to get all the sales
  • How the Buy Box Rotates - how to know who your real competitors are
  • How to send products to Amazon FBA warehous
  • How to “list” your units in Amazon’s Catalo
  • How to Monitor the Buy Box and Manage pricing to sell at the highest price

3 Product Research

  • ​How to utilize sales rank - to understand how many sales your products will get
  • How to understand price history for your products
  • How to understand sales rank history - to understand how long your products will sell for
  • Understand all fees involved

4 Sourcing

  • ​Sourcing Overview
  • What is an Authorized Supplier?
  • Where to find the products from the suppliers?
  • All The Different Types Of Suppliers
  • How Many Suppliers Do You Need?

5 Finding Suppliers

  • ​Strategy #1 - Strategy that is looking at you right in the eyes
  • Strategy #2 - Old methods still work
  • Strategy #3 - The most secretive process of finding suppliers
  • Strategy #4 - Old methods still work #2
  • Strategy #5 - A very overlooked strategy

6 Vetting​ ​Out​ ​Suppliers

  • ​How to Know when you got a good one?
  • What to ask the suppliers
  • ​ Common red flags to be looking for
  • Secret ways to ALWAYS get suppliers to respond to you
  • How to make sure they are legit

7 Working​ ​with​ ​Suppliers

  • ​Which products will work for you
  • How to open accounts with suppliers
  • How to get their products
  • How to make an educated buying decision
  • Logistics, how to get your supplier to ship directly to amazon

8 Building​ ​relationships​ ​
with​ ​suppliers

  • ​Overview of building a relationship
  • Why they will take anyone’s business
  • How to build a relationship with suppliers
  • Benefits of building a relationship
  • All the new opportunities created

9 Ungating

  • ​Ungating Overview
  • How to Get Ungated in Any Main Category
  • How to Get Ungated in Any Sub-Category
  • How to Get Ungated in Any brand
  • How to Apply invoices correctly

10 Conclusion

  • Bringing it all together
  • Accounting
  • All You Need To Do In Your Business
  • Keep It Simple
  • Tracking Course Updates

And don’t forget, you’re also getting these
two bonus modules…

Bonus Module 1

  • ​Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  • Selling in international Markets
  • Selling excess inventory
  • Making quick flips by wholesaling inventory
  • Managing Inventory

Bonus Module 2

  • ​Inventory Limits
  • Storage Fees, Monthly & Long Term Storage
  • Generating business reports
  • Performance
  • Removal Orders

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Why Take an Amazon FBA Training Course?

Save Time

While Amazon makes it easy to become a seller, it will save you time when you have a proven amazon course review. With this, you’ll be able to work through the program faster and much more efficiently. You’ll also have enough knowledge to get started without questions or concerns. Contact us if you need help about our Amazon’s FBA Course? 

Reduce Stress

Starting a new program for your business can be stressful, especially if you don’t know how it works or what you’re doing. An Amazon FBA training will help you understand everything there is to know about the program and how you can become profitable as quickly as possible.

Avoid Potential Problems

As a business, it’s only expected that you’ll run into problems from time to time. If you’ve never worked with Amazon before, you can expect the process to be a little confusing. With a mastery online Amazon FBA course, you can avoid these potential problems and start gaining attention and boosting profits.

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