What are Amazon Fulfillment Fees?

Amazon Fulfillment fees are fees that sellers pay to Amazon for having it fulfill orders for you. It covers the entire process involved in fulfilling product orders, including:

  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Shipping
  • Customer Service
  • Returns

Amazon fulfillment fees are calculated per unit. 

Amazon FBA Fees Explained

Because Amazon does so much for its sellers, it must charge a price, also known as the Amazon Fulfillment fee. The prices of these fees depend on three factors:

  • Weight of the product
  • Size of the product (dimensions)
  • Channels on which the product is sold

Selling a product through the FBA means being subject to two types of fees:

Fulfillment Fees: As we have mentioned, these are the fees that Amazon charges for fulfilling your orders.

Inventory Storage Fees: In order for Amazon to fulfill your orders, they’ll need to have your inventory available in their warehouse. If you store your products in these fulfillment centers, you’ll be charged a monthly fee. These are calculated per cubic foot. 

You’ll have to consider both the size and the weight of the products you’re shipping to Amazon and storing in their warehouse. In order to make the process simple, Amazon splits its product size into two different categories:

Standard size: to a product to be considered standard size, it must weigh under 20 pounds when fully packed. The dimensions must also not exceed 18” x 14”x 8”.

Oversize: Products that exceed the dimensions and/or weight of the standard size category are considered oversized. If a product is 25 pounds and longer than 18 inches, it will fall into this category.

There are also subcategories within these ranges, including:

  • Small standard sized
  • Large standard sized
  • Small oversized
  • Medium oversized
  • Large oversized
  • Special oversized

Now that you know the different pricing structures for Amazon fulfillment fees, you’ll need to understand the prices across size categories. Amazon FBA fees for products sold on the website are different than the fees for products sold on other external websites. 

FBA Fees for Products Sold on Amazon

If you’re selling your products through the FBA program, you know that everything is covered in these fees. As we have mentioned, these fees are based on the size and weight of the products. Here are the fulfillment fees per unit:

Standard Size Products

Small (10 oz or less): $2.50

Small (10 oz to 16 oz): $:2.63

Large (10 oz or less): $3.31

Large (10 oz to 16 oz): $3.48

Large (1lb to 2lb): $4.90

Large (2lb to 3lb): $5.42

Large (3lb to 21lb): $5.42 +$0.38/lb after 3lbs

Oversize Products

Small Oversize (71lbs or less): $8.26 +$0.38/lb after 2lbs

Medium Oversize (151lb or less): $11.37 + $0.39/lb after 2lbs

Large (151lbs or less): $75.78 + $0.79/lb after 90lbs

Special Oversize: $137.32 +$0.91/lb after 90lbs 

When you become an Amazon seller, it’s always important to remember that these fees exist so that you can be as profitable as possible. You should also consider all of the other fees involved with the program, including referral fees.