What Should Go in Your Amazon FBA Business Plan

Amazon makes it easy for everyone and anyone to become a seller. Once you have all of your products ready to go, supply arrangements figured out, and partnerships set up, you may think you’re ready to get started. However, while you’re off to a good start, you’ll need a great strategy to really differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Creating your own Amazon FBA business plan may seem overwhelming, but it will be worth it when you see how much easier the day-to-day becomes. Your ability to make and implement these plans will set you apart from the rest of the sellers on Amazon. Make sure that your strategy is transparent and measurable so that you can measure your success. It should also be flexible. 

Here’s what should go into your Amazon FBA business plan: 

An Executive Summary

This summary is where you’ll go into a little bit of detail about your business. It will consolidate the key elements of your plan into an easily readable format. You may want to complete this part last so that you can read over the rest of the plan and write the summary based on what’s laid out. 

Company Description

The description of your company is a simple overview. You should include your mission, founders, location, and any notable achievements. There are a few subsections you should also consider putting in your plan, including:

Objectives: This section will lay out your goals for the FBA business. 

Products or Services: Here, you’ll identify the products you’ll be selling on Amazon. YOu will also want to include the development stages, product images, pricing, past test results, and potential future products. 

Value Proposition

The value proposition explains how you are different from all of your competitors and why you’ve decided to sell on Amazon. 

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan will be your guide for the merchant when it comes to which marketing activities should be completed in order to sell your products on Amazon and how they will be executed. The plan should include measurable goals that tie into the overall business plan. Your marketing plan should include the following aspects:


Before devising a marketing plan, analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats so that you can determine which opportunities are best for your business. 

Financial Projections:

Based on your sales figures, you should consider how much you believe your business will turn over during each quarter.

Marketing Budget:

Consider how much your business will plan to spend during each quarter on marketing efforts. 

Financial Plan

The financial plan will show you the figures you need to understand throughout the entire FBA journey. It should include your current financial state, startup costs, forecasts, and even goals. This will help you understand your funding and the budget you have available for certain aspects of the business.

When creating your Amazon FBA business plan, it should be short, simple, and to the point. During the early stages, make sure that your plan is flexible because there may be a learning curve.