What to Sell on Amazon FBA

Selling products on Amazon FBA can help anyone, from hobbyists to retailers, make a huge profit in no time. One of the most difficult things to determine as a seller is what products to sell on Amazon FBA for the biggest profits. 

Selling Methods

To understand specific products, you must first understand the different types of selling methods. 


This method means finding low priced items online or in retail stores to resell on Amazon at a higher price. 


Doing this means buying bulk, discounted brand items to resell at a higher value. 

Used Book Sales

One of the most popular methods for selling on Amazon, you can buy used books online or in stores and resell them at a higher price point 

Private Label

This is the most complicated method and requires tons of work. You’ll manufacture your own branded products and sell them on Amazon FBA. The benefit of this is that you’ll control every aspect of the product from development to final sales and product improvement. 

Best Products to Sell on Amazon FBA

While there is no one product that is the best to sell on Amazon because the work really depends on you, the seller, there are a few guidelines you may want to follow if you’ve never sold on Amazon before. 

Priced Under $50

The best products to sell on Amazon are between $10 and $50. The reason for this is that products under $10 will not give you a high profit margin, but more expensive items will require more niche buyers. While it’s still possible for you to sell more expensive items, people often go to Amazon looking for deals along with free 2-day shipping. 

This range is typically middle ground for a lot of buyers who do research to determine whether they can get items cheaper on Amazon. 

⅓ of Sales Price

The products that sell best on Amazon are those that are typically seen on the front page. Slashing your product’s price can increase its likelihood of appearing in front of more potential customers. Visibility is key, especially if people aren’t quite shopping for something specific on the website. 

Easy Shipping

The heavier the product, the more difficult it will be to ship. This means that it’s more expensive to get the product to your customer, and you may be eating into your profits. You may also want to consider avoiding products that have tons of parts or are fragile because this can be a shipping disaster and can even result in returns. 


It’s up to you to do the research to determine what products are currently in-demand. These items will be the easiest to sell and the price point you want. Listings for them are also already created for you because they’re coming from big names, so it means that you’ll have less work to do in the long run. 

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