What Our Students Have To Say
$3,800 in Sales Off 5 Days!
... and John then went on to make $25,000 in 30 days!
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$8,000 in 2 weeks... WHILE working graveyard shifts
$5,000 a month with 20-80% ROI... working only 30 minutes a day!
Janet K
No computer skills, southern Mom, $1000 from Amazon on her first day
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Albert B
"Beau will give you the tools to be successful"
Albert and I a month before he shot that video at 6 weeks before I knew Albert!
Patrick (Before)
*Very skeptical*

Patrick (After)
*$2k in first 10 days...*
Jay S, "goal is to make 1 deal a month, then 1 a week, then 1 a day" 
Fred R
"Beau is there for you... he wants you to succeed"
Joe first product already sold out, $4k sales in 1 month!
Canadian Member 45 days in the Course
Matthew T
"a million dollar seller of brand name electronics"
Chris W
$1,173.51 in one day!
Davis B
2 Weeks in the program
Davis B
2 Months in the program
John Y
After a week out of town
Konrad K
$3,200 in his first 30 days!!
Andrew L
 "Got my investment back really fast" "117% ROI"
Chris A
"Finally on the right track"