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Learn to leverage your credit to
make more money, improve
your credit score, and more.

This course was designed to show you how to properly leverage your credit to make more money, improve your credit score, lower your expenses, and grow your business more rapidly. You’ll also discover how to find the best credit cards for you (with the greatest long term benefits), build up your credit score to set you up for long term success, get travel hacks, and build consistent wealth for future investments.

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What’s In The Course?

You’re going to get 12 modules of actionable info-packed content…
(+ a bonus module!)

1 Introduction

  • Mapping out your long term goals with credit as a business owner
  • Who this course is for
  • Common credit mistakes for personal
  • Common credit mistakes for business credit

2 How to repair your
personal credit

  • Introduction and Background
  • Obtaining your credit report
  • Reading your credit report
  • Filing a dispute
  • Sending your dispute the right way
  • Letter Templates
  • Everything they need to know about bankruptcies, and resolve them
  • Common negative items affecting credit

3 How to build your
personal credit

  • Short term strategies to fix credit
  • Long term strategies to fix credit
  • Misc. strategies/ideas

4 Steps to get to a perfect personal credit score

  • What it takes to get a perfect credit score:
     a. Understanding the core factors that go into credit building
    b. Credit myths vs Credit facts
    c. Adding tradelines (Authorized User)
  • What levels of credit can get you approved for what

5 Using credit to increase your bottom line

  • How to evalaute your expenses by category
  • How to choose the right cards for your expenses
  • How to maximize cash back values
  • Valuing points

6 How to maximize
reward points

  • Everything about Chase points
  • Everything about Amex points
  • All the other MISC points
  • Maximizing for travel & other categories
  • Ways to NOT redeem points

7 How to convert

  • Basic to Intermediate level of Manufacture Spending to transfer Credit to Cash
  • Redeem Chase UR, Amex MR for cash

8 Advance Travel Booking

  • ​Overview of building a relationship
  • Why they will take anyone’s business
  • How to build a relationship with suppliers
  • Benefits of building a relationship
  • All the new opportunities created


Charge Cards

  • ​What is a charge card?
  • Why use a charge card
  • Amex’s net terms


Intro To 
Business Credit

  • What is business credit?
  • Why you need business credit
  • How to build business credit
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Expedited business credit development
  • How to get net 30/net 60 terms (Jake)


How to separate personal from business credit

  • Organizing personal spend
  • Using personal credit to build business credit


Business Credit Success Examples

  • Stories & examples of business owners from fundwise who have excelled with biz credit
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And don’t forget, you’re also getting this
bonus module…

Bonus Module 1

  • Build your business credit
  • Leveraging business funding loans
  • Entity creation
  • Business plan creation

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