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Do you want to create an online
business but have limited cash
on hand? No problem!

In this special course, you’ll discover how to sell on eBay with low capital investment. This is your best bet to make a great return without breaking your bank at the start.

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What’s In The Course?

1 Introduction

  • Lesson #1: Setting up eBay Account
  • Lesson #2: Setting up Paypal Account
  • Lesson #3: Business vs Professional Account
  • Lesson #4: Overview of Creating Listings
  • Lesson #5: Choosing the correct shipping settings
  • Lesson #6: Accurately Pricing your items
  • Lesson #7: Using pictures for your listings
  • Lesson #8: How to Save Time when creating listings


  • Lesson #1: What items sell on eBay?
  • Lesson #2: How to know if your products will sell?
  • Lesson #3: How to calculate profits
  • Lesson #4: How to calculate shipping costs
  • Lesson #5: How to calculate Competition


  • Lesson #1: Overview of Beginner Sourcing
  • Lesson #2: Items you own, friends & family
  • Lesson #3: Clearance Stores
  • Lesson #4: Craiglists/Letgo/Offerup
  • Lesson #5: Garage Sales


  • Lesson #1: Estate sales
  • Lesson #2: Door Hangers
  • Lesson #3: Auctions
  • Lesson #4: Online Stores/dropshipping
  • Lesson #5: Sourcing Fads & Trends


  • Lesson #1: Overview of sourcing phones
  • Lesson #2: Where to find Phones
  • Lesson #3: How to Grade Phones
  • Lesson #4: Common mistakes to avoid
  • Lesson #5: Posting Ads to source more phones

6 Shipping

  • Lesson #1: First Class shipments
  • Lesson #2: Media Mail
  • Lesson #3: Priority Mail
  • Lesson #4: Getting Shipping supplies
  • Lesson #5: How to Save Time when Shipping
  • Lesson #6: How to Save Money when Shipping


  • Lesson #1: Feedback Overview & why it is important
  • Lesson #2: How to get feedback
  • Lesson #3: Handling returns
  • Lesson #4: How to Avoid Scammers
  • Lesson #5: Understanding shipping expectations


  • Lesson #1: eBay Store Memberships
  • Lesson #2: Increasing Inventory limits
  • Lesson #3: Powerseller - Top Rated Status in 90 Days
  • Lesson #4: Optimize Store categories
  • Lesson #5: Zero Risk Advertising

9 Getting Started

  • Lesson #1: Bringing it all together
  • Lesson #2: Accounting
  • Lesson #3: What you should be doing on a daily basis
  • Lesson #4: Long term plan
  • Lesson #5: Tracking Course updates
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Cool, I’m In - How Much Do I Invest?

Great question!

Because the goal of this eBay course is to help you achieve success & raise capital to get into more longterm businesses such as online retail via Amazon FBA.

This eBay course will explain exactly how I was able to raise $60,000 just like how I explain in this video.

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Here’s What You Get Today:

9 Training SESSIONS:

Recorded training sessions
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Beau’s SECRET shipping company that saves 20% on shipping any priority mail shipments compared to eBay & amazon rates. EVERY priority mail shipment will have SOME savings.

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Our 30-Day Action-Based Guarantee

We all know that nothing changes without action. And to succeed in this course (just like everything else in life), you’ll need to take action.

I’m committed to your success and I will help you on every step of the way, but this requires a simple commitment from your side.

You’ll be covered by our 30-day action-based guarantee… that means all you have to do is watch the course, apply the lessons, and complete the homework…

And if within 30 days you’re not satisfied, simply let me know and I’ll refund your 
money back.