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 Meet My Father - A Long Time Entrepreneur
My father owned and operated the largest coffee business next to Starbucks in the early 2000s.

After his coffee business, he got into internet marketing and managed to generate a full time income online and also with eBay. He wrote a book on eBay 2007.

As he was doing over 6 figures a year on eBay he would teach me how to list on eBay, make good descriptions, take pictures, and sourcing.

That is where I began my ebay career at 9 years old.
What is my experience with eBay?
When I was 12, I had a business making $2,000-$3,000 a month. 

By 14, I was making more than my teachers.

And as a junior in high school, it was a full time business (see below for my monthly sales then).

After realizing there was a model that could scale better through selling brand name products on Amazon FBA - I switched my business model.
(see Online Retail Mastery)

But for years, I've leveraged eBay to make a tremendous income. 
Monthly Sales on eBay from Nov 25, 2016 to Dec 25, 2016
Secrets of Selling On eBay...
Secret #1
You will learn how to literally only be profitable if you follow the steps in this program

Follow the steps and you would have to make a big effort to not be profitable.
Secret #2
How to optimize your ebay listings, from pictures to titles,
to descriptions, so you can get the most amount of views as possible. 

More Views = More Sales!

Secret #3
A simple trick to make up to an extra 10% of pure profit on every single sale you get on eBay...

With no extra time, money, or effort!

Here's What's Inside The Course
Getting Started - Module 1
 Lesson #1: What can eBay do for you (8:35)
 Lesson #2: Listing on eBay - Optimizing Listing (29:52)
 Lesson #3: Will your Item Sell? (12:06)
 Lesson #4: Blueprint to 100% profitable eBay business (3:57)
 Lesson #5: Fees, Memberships, Stores (23:42)
 Lesson #6: How to Register (2:01)
Customer Service, Logistics
Shipping, Multi-Channels Module 2
 Lesson #7: How to ship items professionally (4:31)
 Lesson #8: Feedback, Give More, Timing is Key (5:06)
 Lesson #9: Save $100s on Shipping (14:04)
 Lesson #10: Selling on Multiple Channels (11:04)
 Lesson #11: Ship Internationally without any extra fees (5:06)
Sourcing - Module 3
 Lesson #12: OfferUp + LetGo (15:45)
 Lesson #13: Craigslists How To Barter (11:44)
 Lesson #14: Garage Sales (2:47)
 Lesson #15: Flea Markets & Swap Meets (9:56)
Bonus Section!
 Lesson #16: #1 Way To Automate And Scale (6:24)
 Lesson #17: Automatically Increase Your Profits (5:30)
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