How to Sell on Amazon Prime

Selling products on Amazon FBA is one of the easiest ways to make money and grow your business. A convenience that many people don’t know about is that selling on FBA automatically enrolls the products you sell into Prime listings.

In this article, we’ll discuss why having your products qualified as Prime makes a huge impact on your business. And if you’re not selling on Prime now, you’ll want to by the time you’re done reading.

About Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a subscription membership service that gives customers access to a number of exclusive benefits. These include two-day shipping, various perks at partner establishments and services, streaming services, and access to huge discounts during Amazon’s annual Prime Day 48-hour sale.

With 100 million members worldwide today, the future is looking bright for Amazon Prime. To tap into this vast yet exclusive market, it’s incredibly important that your products appear in Prime listings.

How to Become an Amazon Prime Seller

Once you’ve realized that Prime is the place to be when it comes to selling your products, it’s important that you learn how to do it.

In order to be eligible to sell your products under Prime, there are only two conditions:

  • You must be selling on Amazon FBA 
  • Your seller metrics must be good

1. You Must Be Selling on Amazon FBA

Unfortunately, you can’t just become a Prime seller without first selling on Amazon FBA. It’s not difficult to sign up and start selling. In fact, anyone can do it if you have the time and dedication.

Along with finding the best products to sell, you should also choose the best selling method for yourself. This can range from arbitrage, to buying in bulk for cheap and selling for a profit, to the wholesale method, where you purchase items from a company at a discounted rate and sell on Amazon on that company’s behalf for a profit.

You can sell on Amazon FBA using any of these methods and still make a profit. However, in order to sell on Prime, you must already have an active Amazon FBA account, meaning that you need to start selling ASAP.

2. Your Seller Metrics Must Be Good

In order to offer Prime shipping, your seller metrics need to be good. Amazon doesn’t necessarily provide you with information beforehand for what your metrics need to look like, but you can ensure quality metrics by:

  • Selling high-quality products to keep returns low and increase the likelihood of positive reviews
  • Utilizing Amazon PPC campaigns to increase visibility
  • Offering customer support to your customers
  • Keeping track of your inventory

If you’re a new seller, it can take a little while to become a Prime seller. You’ll need to build up your metrics in order to be eligible. You can improve your chances month after month by entering your niche with a quality product and launch strategy.

What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

You can be eligible for Prime if you don’t sell via the FBA program. This is called Seller Fulfilled Prime. However, there are disadvantages to this.

Disadvantage 1: Shipping

The FBA program allows you to take advantage of the super quick shipping for a small fee. If you don’t use the FBA, shipping costs will be dramatically higher, especially if you’re looking to offer same-day or next-day delivery. Shipping costs can eat into your profit margins and negatively impact your business.

Disadvantage 2: Storage

When you’re a merchant and not selling via the FBA program, you have to store your own inventory. This means that you’ll likely need your own warehouse and staff. Again, this eats into your profits and can impact your business. Through the FBA program, you can have all of this done for you so that you can focus on making money.

Disadvantage 3: Returns and Customer Service

Prime offers quality customer service, which is why so many people are members. The FBA program provides 24/7 support for your customers, which means you won’t have to be up at all hours responding to customer queries. Otherwise, you’ll have to likely hire individuals to become customer support staff, which again will eat into your profits.

Getting Started Selling Products on Amazon Prime

On the whole, Amazon offers the FBA program in order to make your life as a seller much easier. All that you need to do to qualify to sell Prime products and offer your customers Prime shipping, so you can become an FBA seller and begin growing your metrics.

In Beau’s course, you’ll learn how to successfully sell on Amazon FBA so that you can eventually become eligible to be a Prime seller and begin reaping the rewards.

Are you ready to start selling products on Amazon with zero advertising? Join Beau’s course now and learn how you can become your own boss and grow your business selling on Amazon FBA.

Are you a Prime Seller? Let us know about your journey in the comments!

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