Multiple Amazon Accounts for an Unfair Advantage

According to Amazon, you cannot have multiple amazon accounts.

That can be a disadvantage for you when there are people like me with multiple accounts.

Why is it beneficial to have multiple accounts?

– Niche branding
– Protection
– Extra rotation

Why does amazon not allow sellers to have multiple accounts?

When selling on Amazon via FBA, you win the buy box and share the buy box with other sellers selling, FBA, and at the same price.

Let’s do some math on why having multiple accounts can provide an unfair advantage.

Let’s say there is you and 1 other seller selling a Samsung TV.

Both get roughly 50 sales per month equally rotating the buy box.

Now let’s say you have 3 more accounts and send in inventory.

There are now 5 sellers, 4 of them are you. You now get 80 sales per month and the other seller only gets 20.

This is buy box manipulation and believe or not…I do NOT suggest this even if you have multiple accounts.

Why do I NOT suggest this? Amazon is smart and can link accounts together if there is constant manipulation.

Here is why I have multiple accounts: Niche branding.

50% of sales in eCommerce are on amazon, the other 50% are not on amazon. I have niche eCommerce sites off amazon and traffic gets sent to my amazon stores. If I had a general amazon store, that would not be the best and confusing for customers.

You can actually ask amazon for another account if you plan to use it for this purpose.

Protection. I used to have multiple accounts to protect myself. This is my only income, I should be paranoid if that stream got shut down for whatever reason. I then built other income streams and preached less about multiple accounts. Now, I have a team, so my business is not just my income, it is also many other employees incomes.

It would be extremely selfish of me to not have backups.

Before I get into how to get another account, let me explain today the main reason why I have several accounts.

I majority own the first-ever fund for selling on amazon. When I am using investor funds, my accountant had a very challenging time mixing in my personal capital to my funds capital. So to resolve, I set up a new account

Now to how to set up a new account within Amazon’s terms of service.

Setup a new business. Yes, it is that easy. You personally cannot have multiple Amazon accounts, but you can own as many businesses as you want that to happen to own amazon accounts.

Just make sure to use a different address, email, phone number, & IP address when setting up the account.

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