Understanding Amazon Account Suspensions

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Amazon is one of the most popular online selling markets available. It has a huge customer base and it makes it easy to sell your items online and make some extra cash. But one of the things many people ask and worry about at our retail conferences is account suspensions

While they are rarer than most people realize, they can happen and they can affect almost anyone. Understanding the Amazon Account Suspension process can help you avoid a suspension or help you get your account reinstated if it does happen to get suspended.

What Can Cause An Amazon Account To Be Suspended?

There are many things that can cause an account suspension, and if you want to keep your account in good standing, you will need to actively avoid them. Amazon has rules like any website or company and you are expected to follow them if you want to continue to use their website to sell items.  Now that doesn’t mean that all suspensions are fair; misunderstandings can happen. Some of the reasons your account could be suspended include:

  • Sending shipments out late
  • Mislabeling products
  • Selling inauthentic products
  • Intellectual property issues
  • Multiple linked accounts
  • Product review manipulation
  • Business fraud

Can I Write An Appeal?

Most people are understandably upset when their Amazon account is suspended because they can no longer sell their products online or make money. While it can be stressful to find out your account has been suspended, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something about it. If you feel that your account was suspended without warrant or if it was a simple mistake that you plan to make right, you can write an appeal

The appeal explains the problem and how you plan to fix it. You can send your appeal to Amazon and wait for them to read it and make a decision. In most cases, your first appeal will not get your account reinstated. You may need to file several until Amazon decides that they can trust you and reopen your account.

Do I Need To Supply Invoices?

Yes, Amazon will want to see proof that you have been doing legitimate business online and they will want those invoices. You should be saving those invoices for your own personal records and may need them more other reasons aside from just getting your account stated.

If you do not have any invoices, you can still get your account reinstated, but it may be more difficult and take more time. You will need to explain to Amazon why you don’t have any invoices and hope that they will still consider reinstating your account.

How Long Does An Amazon Suspension Last?

This can vary based on the account, the reason for suspension, and the number of appeals you file. In many cases, it can take several months for a suspension to be complete. You will not be able to have your account reinstated until the suspension is complete and you have exhausted all your appeals. 

You can continue to appeal your case until you receive a final decision from Amazon. They may choose to reinstate the account, or they may decide that your account be closed permanently.

Can I Open A New Account?

Many people at retailer trade shows think they can open a new account if their account is suspended. They see this as the fastest way to get back to selling things and to avoid having to file appeals and wait for Amazon to respond and accept the appeal and reinstate the account. 

While this may sound like an easy solution, Amazon makes it extremely hard to make a new account once your account has been suspended. Amazon links accounts based on many factors such as IP address, bank information, and mailing addresses. It’s very likely that they will catch your new account quickly and suspend it as well. This can also cause them to permanently suspend your other account and prevent you from using Amazon at all.

Why Is My Account Still Under Review?

Once you have sent in your second or third appeal, you may receive a message that says your account is under review. This means you can continue to use the account, but Amazon is keeping a close eye on things to make sure you don’t mess up or make any mistakes. You will need to make sure you are following all the rules and doing things as you should, or your account could quickly be suspended again. Once your account is under review, it will usually be reinstated very soon.

What If My Account Is Suspended More Than Once?

Your account can be suspended more than once, but that does not mean it will be permanently suspended. You can still appeal the account, but you will have to go through the entire process again. The more often your account is suspended, the longer and harder it can be to get it reinstated. If your account is suspended over and over again, especially for the same reasons, Amazon may choose to suspend the account permanently.

How Can I Avoid An Account Suspension?

If you want to be able to use your Amazon account without problems and worry, you need to make sure you follow all the rules that Amazon makes. Avoid doing anything that makes it look like you are trying to cheat the system or cheat your customers. It may seem like a lot of people get their accounts suspended, but in reality: less than 2% of all seller accounts are suspended each year. If you follow the rules, it’s unlikely that your account will be suspended.

If you are attending an eCommerce conference and are hoping to learn more about Amazon account suspension or inform others about it, be sure to keep the above information in mind. Nobody ever wants to deal with an account suspension, but it can happen if you don’t follow the rules or practice proper business etiquette. Understanding how the suspension process works can help you avoid it.

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