Update on what happened to me and what am I up to.


Personal update: I’ve accepted Jesus Christ as my lord & savior. Business update: I am going full throttle into the stock & options space (actually already have been, just not publicly)

I am no longer involved in the amazon space. Sort of wanted to get out about ~ 2 years ago.

Generally, I always try to challenge myself. I like making money, but I don’t exactly focus on trying to hit certain numbers, vanity metrics, or trying to do something simply for money. So

If I am going to work on something, I want it to be

  • A. good for whoever I am working with, directly or indirectly.
  • B. profitable.
  • C. something that challenges me and makes me a better person.

The amazon world covered A & B for me, but not C…

So I got sick and tired of it. The reason for needing a challenge might seem odd, as if you’ve never gotten uncomfortable in your life, it would be hard to relate.

but this is my thought process. A great quote by Phil Knight is “Life is growth. You grow, or you die”

Now, if you are not “growing” you are practically fine, health is fine, wealth could be fine, happiness is fine, etc, etc.

but for me, it was a slippery slope. I started in the amazon space and course space, in 2017 and to be honest, I pretty much surpassed everyone, and sort of did it too quickly.

2019, scaling fast & passing everyone I knew:

Then by 2019, it got awkward. I was 20 and had more business experience than everyone surrounding me. I had mentors that were giving me advice that is no longer good for me, it was wonderful before, but in hindsight, it very quickly become unproductive.

I had active partnerships and deals that were not possible to be fair because to put it arrogantly, no other company or person in the space could offer anything meaningful to me since I already won.

So because of that I slowly found myself going backward, and found people trying to pull me in. I didn’t like it.

2021, sold supplier scout & “tried” to move on:

So I decided to burn the ships and stop everything. I stopped my course business, I sold my software business, and I stopped (slowly, trickled down) my amazon business.

In school, I always loved math & I’ve always loved finance. My first stock purchase was in high school for solar city stock (later bought out by Tesla)

One of my mentors that I sort of had a falling out with, but always will be grateful for, showed me options trading.

I was so confused about what it was for such a long time until I realized it’s just the combination of math & stocks together.

So now it’s 2021 and I decided… I am going to go full board into options trading after leaving the amazon space.

I was excited, but then something happened 🤣

Co-founding Carbon6 Technologies:

I listed my software business, supplier scout for sale, but didn’t think anyone was going to buy it.

but I get a call that this guy name Justin wants to buy it. I do a couple of calls with them, and it turns out he and a couple of other guys were about to start a company similar to Thrasio.io, but for software. If you don’t know what thrasio is, they are a company that buys amazon businesses. They use finance strategically and then operate a bunch of amazon businesses.

So they wanted to do the same, but for amazon software.

This interested me because I was about to build software in the options trading niche and I’ve always wanted to dive deeper into finance. Because the company in the public eye is an “amazon software company”, but in reality, it’s a finance company making deals left & right.

and I was a very attractive target for them because all the other members had no amazon experience, knew no one in the space, no online marketing experience, etc… Also no software experience (but neither did I lol)

so, the buyers of my software company also wanted me to join them as a co-founder of the startup (Carbon6).

The plan was more/less to get them on their feet, which only would take a year or so.

So, I was quite torn, to be honest. I was mentally ready to get out of the amazon space and I was mentally getting into the stock & options space. So I either could continue burning the ships or wait a year before going full into the stock & options space.

I choose the first and co-founded carbon6. It was an interesting experience to say at least, for me, it’s odd to be a “co-founder”. I think a lot of that has to do with me blowing past everyone in the amazon space by thinking differently.

If you study a lot of wealthy people, you find out that they don’t do a million different things right they do few things right. I try to build my business around that methodology. I found myself a bit in conflict due to how I’ve run my companies in the past, as the company had 5 co-founders (a crazy number in my opinion), but 2 were finance people, so just me and 2 other guys running the show.

2022, leaving Carbon6 & starting OptionScout

But anyhow, I got the company connected (directly or indirectly) to practically everyone in the amazon space, set up the majority of the marketing strategy, negotiated some important deals, and oversaw almost all acquisitions, while I was there.

Once I got to a point where I feel like I’d done what I could, I left. Which was earlier this year.

Since then, I taught myself how to code because a massive mistake I made previously was trying to run a software company without knowing the software.

Sounds crazy, I know.

Not knowing how to do something and hiring someone for it in your business is practically like driving with a blindfold on. You have no idea where you are going, what you might hit, or who might hit you.

So I told myself, okay, if I am going to build out software for stock & options traders, I probably should understand how this whole coding thing works. So day in and day out, just I taught myself. I was quite surprised by how valuable free information and guidance were online.

Then fast forward to the summer, I launched Option Scout, which publicly facing is just a free trade visualizer tool, not much to see (that will change soon), but in the background, I’ve been making deals with other service providers, selling market data to hedge funds, and most importantly developing a sleek software that will make it the easiest way ever to find trade opportunities for all types of options traders.

Now – Present day: Accepting Jesus & building

On a side note, I recently finished reading the book Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, I’ve always been a tiny bit “religious” but never practiced. I was baptized Catholic, but never really went to church. The book made things very clear for me and help me focus, so now, everything I do is for the Glory of God.

Now what I am working on is

  1. Educational program for Options Traders. Currently, I’ve given access to this course to just 2 people. I intended to launch this Dec 24th.
  2. Building up a community in the stock & options niche. You can check out my new Facebook group and also my new discord group. They are the same, so just choose the social media platform you prefer.
  3. Moving my software into beta, we’ve been solving some challenging problems that seem like no one in the space is solving, taking those problems and making them into software solutions. We just finished up some meaningful milestones and hoping to get the software into beta testing in 2 weeks.

I am waking up each day more excited than ever, I get to challenge myself, and work on things that fit

  • A. good for whoever I am working with, directly or indirectly.
  • B. profitable.
  • C. something that challenges me and makes me a better person.

The best way to follow me on my journey is by joining my Options Trading Discussion Board, here on discord or Facebook. With all that said, reach out, the online world is quite lonely. If you are reading this and want to learn more about options, got great ideas, want to collaborate, or whatever it may be, just shoot me a message.

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