Which Products Am I Restricted From Selling on Amazon?

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When it comes to selling products on Amazon, you may think the possibilities are endless. And while there are millions of products you can sell on Amazon, there are also several that Amazon FBA sellers are restricted from selling. Restricted products are products that Amazon feels are risky or likely to be faked or lied about. 

There are many items that are restricted and knowing how to find these items and how to get approved to sell them can help give you an advantage as a seller and help you make more money. Here’s everything you need to know about restricted products on Amazon:

Why Are Certain Items Restricted?

There are certain items that Amazon will only allow sellers to list with permission. These categories can vary and the reason they are restricted can vary. There is no overall reason a product may be restricted and the reason can be different for each item. It’s always a good idea to check the list of restricted products before you list an item to make sure it’s not restricted. If it is restricted, there is still a chance that you can sell it, you will just need to have it ungated the proper way.

Why Are Certain Brands Restricted?

Amazon knows that certain shoppers want certain brands because of  how those brands perform and their reliability. They want to make sure that these brands are sold as authentic items, so they do not get complaints from the customers. 

There are many companies that try to take a brand name and copy it or make counterfeit items that they sell under that brand name. Some brands are easier to counterfeit than others, making these brands restricted. Many people also attempt to sell certain brands as new when they have been opened or used. This isn’t acceptable and is another reason Amazon may choose to restrict certain brands. Some other reasons include:

  • A history of counterfeit items
  • Items that can easily be stolen from retail stores
  • The actual brand prefers that their products’ value not be decreased by selling online
  • Brand is sold exclusively by other stores.

How Can I Tell Which Brands Are Restricted?

You can find out which brands are restricted by viewing the list on Amazon. Many of these brands are only restricted in certain categories. You can also browse the restricted category to see if certain brands are restricted in those categories. There are also plenty of apps that you can use to quickly determine if a brand is on the restricted list or if you can post it for sale.

What Types Of Items Are Restricted?

There are many different types of items that are restricted and it can be hard to remember them all. Instead of trying to memorize them, it’s best to simply check on the items you want to sell. You can check the restricted category list or you can check when you try to list the product to see if there are any limitations. If you see that a product has limitations or restrictions, do not attempt to list it, instead apply to be approved to sell the items.

Can I Be Approved To Sell Restricted Items?

Yes, just because certain items are restricted doesn’t mean you can’t ever sell them. Amazon will allow you to apply to have those items ungated so you can sell them. This process is fairly simple, but it can vary based on the restricted items you wish to sell. You will need to apply for each restricted item you wish to sell. You can apply to have these items ungated from your seller account. It can take several days or weeks for Amazon to process your request and grant you permission to sell items that are in a restricted category.

What Happens If I Sell A Restricted Item On Amazon?

If you attempt to sell a restricted item on Amazon without getting permission, you could put your account and your seller’s reputation at risk. Amazon doesn’t take kindly to people who don’t follow the rules and they expect sellers to read their list of restricted items and either apply for approval or decide not to sell them. Amazon can take several actions against you if you try to sell restricted items without permission. Some of those things include:

  • Canceled or removed listings
  • Listing limits
  • Account suspension
  • Seller privileges revoked

Why Should I Try To Get Approved To Sell Restricted Items?

Since very few people are approved to sell restricted items, that means that the market is much smaller, so there is a bigger chance that you will have more sales. If you are one of only a few sellers who are offering these restricted products, customers will be more likely to buy from you. 

You can also find a way to make sure the products you sell stand out from the competition. Less competition means more sales and more sales mean more money. If you are willing to work to get permission to sell these restricted items, it could really pay off for you.

Being an Amazon FBA Seller means you have to know the rules of the website and follow them. If you fail to follow the rules, you could lose your privileges as a seller. One of the things you need to be aware of is which products are restricted. 

It can seem a little complicated at first, but once you understand which products are restricted and why, you will be able to navigate the products more easily and know how to check to see if a product is restricted before you list it for sale and have to pay fba seller fees. 

If you have questions about an item, be sure to double-check to make sure it’s not restricted or reach out to Amazon customer service to get help. If you decide it’s worth it to take the time to be approved to sell restricted items, make sure you go through the right steps.

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