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Who is Beau Crabill?

The Most Sought-After Amazon Expert… All Started With A Pair Of Socks?

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Hi, my name is Beau Crabill –
and in just a few minutes, I’ll be showing YOU how to successfully sell online…

But first, I’ll tell you a story about how this all started with a pair of socks… (don’t worry, it relates a LOT to what you’ll be learning).

Yes, socks…

Back in the 6th grade, that’s 2011 for me, Nike came out with these new socks called “Nike Elite Socks”. They cost a whopping $12 a pair but that didn’t stop anyone from buying them.

People LOVED these socks and wanted all they could get.

Just one problem…

There were only 4 colors available.

So I saw the demand and had an amazing idea… “What if I dyed these white and black socks into different colors and sold them?”

It seemed like a great idea to me, so I went ahead and bought 6 pairs of Nike Elite socks and some dye (with money I saved up picking up dog poop from my neighbors yard!)

Beau Crabill is a young entrepreneur and eCommerce expert with over ten years of experience selling products online. He is a daily seller on Amazon and teaches other entrepreneurs how they can become their own boss using his proven methods. 

Yes, Beau Crabill is legitimate. His proven methods have worked for thousands of students across the nation. Not only that, as a daily Amazon seller himself, he knows how to effectively run a business through the Amazon FBA program. 

I am currently building software for options traders
For a full update on what I have been up to, visit https://beaucrabill.com/what-happened-to-beau-crabill/

The next day, I went to school and sold ALL 6 PAIRS FOR $25!

That’s 150 Dollars!

All the kids at school went straight up crazy over these socks! And I made $1,200 before the principal made me stop selling them on school grounds.

This is what got me into selling products for a profit.

So imagine this.

What if someone could wave a magic wand for me, and turn those 40 or so friends I had in school into FOUR BILLION hungry buyers?

That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing for the last few years by leveraging online retail…

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